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How Neurofeedback helped me?

I am a 26-year-old Army veteran who served in Baghdad as a print and photo journalist for the US Army. I returned as a 21 year-old, and by my 22nd birthday, I was suffering from panic attacks, night sweats, paranoia, and other symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. I was finally diagnosed less than a year ago. My parents introduced me to Dr. Jose F. Vasquez from Healthy Options Enterprises located at 2626 12th Court SW, in Olympia, WA. I read a brochure on a therapy program he practices, neurofeedback, which involved the monitoring of brain-wave to identify areas which are being overworked. Dr. Vasquez, a Vietnam veteran, agreed to see me free of charge. I looked up the neurofeedback research that was done by the VA on veterans with PTSD, and read that every single veteran who participated in the therapy program was able to sleep solidly throughout the night and the other PTSD symptoms were decreased dramatically after only a few sessions. Thanks to Dr. Vasquez I have been able to adjust to civilian life. I have made exponentially more progress in the last seven months that I was able to make in four years after returning from Iraq.

For The past 6 months, I have been seeing Dr. Jose F. Vasquez at Healthy Options Enterprises PLLC, in Olympia WA. Prior to my referral, I have been clinically diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, Traumatic Brain Headache, Depression, and General Anxiety Disorder. Additionally, I noticed I had several other symptoms such as short-term memory difficulties as well. I give Dr. Vasquez the highest remarks of appraise I can articulate. He is a compassionate, empathic, and intelligent professional. He worked hand and hand with me to get me off over 10 separate medications and onto a holistic track of health. After 6 months my symptoms have dramatically been reduced, and I feel as though I have a life mentor to call upon in times of need. Additionally, he worked hard with my health insurance provider to ensure I could receive treatment. Dr. Vasquez is culturally sensitive, veteran friendly, and a life saver. He is also a proud US Army veteran. 

How nIR & pIR-HEG Neurofeedback helped my daughter in recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury

I have to tell you that I really only stumbled upon Dr. Jose F. Vasquez, of Healthy Options Enterprises located at 147 Rogers Street in Olympia, through a distant recommendation that neurofeedback might be helpful for patients with traumatic brain injury. We were desperate to find anything that could help my daughter and I was skeptical at best, but I was determined to help her recover. Now, I am telling anybody and everybody that will listen, what a difference Dr. Jose F. Vasquez has made in my daughter’s life. Dr. Vasquez immediately impressed me by addressing my inquiries personally with regards to my daughter’s situation. He has been a positive, compassionate and professional provider. He got right to work explaining how neurofeedback and HEG would help in my daughter’s recovery from a severe traumatic brain injury. My daughter loves his therapy sessions and actually finds her visits with Dr. Vasquez enjoyable. Pease read my story below to see how, true to his word, Dr. Vasquez has helped my daughter regain quality in her life again through neurofeedback and HEG. Our family was devastated when our sixteen year old daughter was involved in a near fatal automobile accident, seventeen months ago. Her injuries left her comatose for over three weeks and then after, persistently vegetative, having suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. Before her accident my daughter was a very involved, independent and popular student. She was taking AP classes, captain of her soccer team and was job shadowing an ophthalmologist in the community. She had won a scholarship, and traveled by herself to Washington DC for a medical forum. As my daughter continued to recover from her injuries she was able to return to school after many, many months of rehabilitative therapies, however she was left with a host of very severe deficits involving her executive functioning, making day to day living most difficult. These included: recent and working memory, planning, initiative and motivation, judgment and decision making and impulsivity. She was easily distracted and it was difficult for her to focus at any task. She would not remember to turn in her assignments. She was very poorly organized and needed prompting daily to do her homework; the end result was often random and redundant. So, although very intelligent, her grades suffered miserably. Her fatigue was so severe she would come home from school only to lie down for the rest of the evening, her emotions were flat and she suffered from mild depression. Worse, her judgments left us fearful for her safety and we were uncertain if she could live independently, dashing hopes of allowing her to follow her dreams; attending college next year, her goal of becoming an ophthalmologist. Her medical providers, neuropsychologists and psychiatrist offered little hope beyond what recovery she had already achieved and prepared us for a life long struggle. There were suggestions that she may need to be readmitted for in patient therapies, recommendations of delaying any college plans, and providing alternate vocational training. Now, my daughter is leaving her other medical providers wondering how she has made such remarkable recovery. We began to see improvements after about the eighth session with Dr. Vasquez’s treatments. Her mood began to lift and she is now coming home from school energized. She is no longer using me as a reminder system and is independent in organizing her school work. In just over two short months, her grades have improved and I am happy to report she is receiving all A’s and one B. She has taken the initiative to participate in many school and community activities and we really feel our daughter has been given a second chance of regaining her independence. My daughter is driving independently now and we have trust in her decisions once again. She has been accepted to several top colleges, some out of state and we are looking ahead excitedly to her future. As an added bonus, she is beginning to have a slow return of her sense of smell, also lost in her accident. Dr. Vasquez continues to provide neurofeedback and HEG therapies for my daughter and I expect we can continue to see more improvements still yet! Needless to say, I whole heartedly, recommend Dr. Jose F. Vasquez of Healthy Options Enterprises without hesitation; he is a devoted, caring provider, and most certainly can make a difference for those suffering from traumatic brain injury and others, just as he did for my daughter.

Dr. Vasquez saved my brain after a mild traumatic injury and then helped me go further to address and release deeper trauma from past life events. I praise his skills, understanding and utilization of the current and effective neuro-science/feedback. Thank you Doctor and I miss you!!

Dr. Vasquez was nearly literally a life saver for our family. Our 8 year old son with ADHD, LD, chronic insomnia, anxiety, and quickly increasing anger, aggression, and combativeness, needed help, and fast. Dr. Vasquez’s expertise and wisdom, compassion and empathy, and focused care and attention during every appointment brought our son out of the darkness and back into the joy of childhood. He supported and guided us parents through the whole 9 months of work. For all he has given to our family to help us restore the health of our beautiful and bright son, we are so grateful. We highly recommend Dr. Vasquez. C & D, R.

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