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Our clinical staff is diverse and treats a wide range of issues. Regardless of one’s situation, we have professionals here that can help you overcome the adversity you face. Each of our therapists utilizes a dynamic blend of therapeutic methods to address any issue you may be experiencing. You can learn more about each of our therapists by clicking their profile below.

Jose F. Vasquez


Dr. Jose F. Vasquez specializes in Individual, Couple, Family Mental Health Counseling, Neurotherapy, Medical Hypnoanalysis, and Clinical Hypnotherapy. He is a fellow member of the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy, He maintains a private practice in Augusta GA With over 27 years experience as a marriage and family counselor, and as a graduate of Capella University with a Ph.D. in Human Services with emphasis in Psychology

Dr. Sara Franco-Vasquez


Dr. Sara Franco, Psy.D. Received a Bachelor degree in Clinical Psychology from the Autonomous University of Mexico City, a Master egree in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy from Phillips Graduate University, in Chatsworth, California, and a Doctorate Degree from California Southern University in Santa Ana, Caliornia. Dr. Franco has worked with Marriages, Families,and Children for more that twenty five years.

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