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Dr. Sara Franco, Psy.D., NTP, Certified Professional Life Coach

Dr. Sara Franco, Psy.D. Received a Bachelor degree in Clinical Psychology from the Autonomous University of Mexico City, a Master egree in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy from Phillips Graduate University, in Chatsworth, California, and a Doctorate Degree from California Southern University in Santa Ana, Caliornia. Dr. Franco has worked with Marriages, Families,and Children for more that twenty five years. In addition, she has also worked with victims of sexual abuse and rape for twenty years. She holds certificates from Eastern WA University, and the University of WA as a specialist in adolescent, geriatric and minority mental health. Dr. Franco is bilingual and bicultural. She is able to work across cultures in English and Spanish. I addition, Dr. Franco is a Nutritional Therpist and Certified Professional Life Coach who can help individuals with nutritional problems that affect both, mind and body.

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